Vinyl Planks & Sheet Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great flooring alternative, combining the comfort and warmth of carpet with the practical, heavy-duty benefits of Timber.  Featuring a stain-resistant protective coating, maintenance of Vinyl flooring is kept to a minimum. Vinyl flooring is also available in a variety of contemporary colours and designs, making it an ideal solution for any home.

At Brisbane Carpet & Flooring Wizards, we have access to some of the finest quality and well known Vinyl products in the marketplace, such as Armstrong, LG Floors (Kenbrock) and also Polystyl (PR Floors).  We have just added Forbo Vinyl products to our already fantastic range also, another well known and respected brand for many years.
Ranging from Residential to Heavy Duty Commercial, you can be assured that whatever your needs, we have it covered.
Various formats available including Timber look Vinyl Planks, Sheet Vinyl and Vinyl Tiles, with a huge range of styles from Stone to Timber to Tile lookalike. This will ensure that whatever you are after, we can help, and we will provide a quality product at a quality price for you.

We have an absolutely huge range of the increasingly popular Loose Lay Vinyl Planks .  This is about as easy as it gets if you want a DIY project at home, (we also offer Supply and Installation at fantastic rates) .  Great range of colours available, extremely hardwearing with  15-25Year Residential Wear Warranties and suitable for Commercial use also with up to 15 Year Wear in Commercial situations.  These are available in gorgeous timber looks ( Classic and Contemporary colours ) , with texturized finishes to really give that look you are wanting from such a product.  The other fantastic feature of these Loose Lay Planks is that they can be used in Wet Areas such as Bathrooms and Laundries, which gives you the opportunity to have the same flooring throughout your whole house if you wish.

We have some of the biggest and best brands including Inovar Floor,  NFD Illusions, NFD Innovations, NFD Reflections, Galaxy Floors, Dunlop Heartridge (including the new Longboard collection of Oaks and Aust. Species) and more….. 


Also, the newest addition to the market, the Nano-Tac Self Stick Vinyl Planks have now arrived!!!  These have a Pressure Sensitive Glue on the back and you just Peel & Stick them to your floor. EASY!!  These have a 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty and 10 Year Commercial Wear, so they are fantastic for just about any application.  With a beautiful colour range of Australian Species and Natural Oak colours and finishes, people will think you have installed a real hardwood floor until you tell them otherwise (if you want to… ).

These are the fastest growing floor coverings in Queensland, no doubt, and after seeing them for yourself you will understand exactly why!!  Click on the pictures a the top of this page to preview just a few of the fantastic colours available.

Come in and check out our great range and see just how easy this product is to work with, (you will not believe it until you see for yourself). These can even be laid directly over existing floorcoverings such as Timber, Vinyl, and Tiles with little or no floor preparation required, (make sure to discuss this with us to ensure things go smoothly).


Benefits of Vinyl flooring

  • Resilient: reduces noise and provides comfort underfoot
  • Durable: moisture and stain resistant; retaining its color and original appearance with routine maintenance
  • Design Flexibility: available in a variety of styles and colors that can be custom cut and laid out using different finishes.
  • Slip-resistant: enhanced slip-retardant surface, suitable for a variety of commercial and institutional applications.